First Time Drivers

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First Time Drivers

Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

Drivers Education

Basic Driver Improvement Course 4-Hours Driver and Traffic Safety Course [B.D.I.-4]

Now Also Available on the Internet
Point reduction “TRAFFIC SCHOOL.” Program is certified by the state of Florida. MAY BE COURT ORDERED.

Intermediate Driver Improvement Course 8-Hours

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For individuals with a history of traffic violations, poor driving skills, and/or behaviors. MAY BE COURT ORDERED.

Advanced Driver Improvement Course 12-Hours

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Designed for multiple traffic offenders and other high risk drivers who have had their licenses suspended or revoked. Review and change the driving behaviors that have caused them to receive traffic tickets and become involved in traffic crashes. MAY BE COURT ORDERED May also be required under Habitual Traffic Offender or Points guidelines of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle.

Aggressive Driver / Street Racing Program - 8 Hours

Now Also Available on the Internet
Designed for drivers with multiple traffic offenses and/or those who exhibit signs of aggressive driving. It has been blended with the street racing program content because of the problems of dangerous on Florida roadways. The course is designed to change the driving attitudes and behaviors that have caused offenders to receive traffic tickets, become involved in traffic crashes, exhibit aggressiveness while driving and engage in racing on our streets. MAY BE COURT ORDERED.

Child Restraint Program 3-hours [C.S.P.]

For individuals with traffic violation for failure to use child restraints.

Driving While License Suspended / Revoked (D.W.L.S./R.) 8-hour

To provide individuals arrested for driving with suspended or revoked licenses a step-by-step guide to restoring their driving privileges. This course includes activities that enable the offender to review their attitudes, behaviors, and goals and the positive changes they must make to retain their driver's license. Each student's DHSMV driving record is personally reviewed with the student to determine what measures must be taken to restore driving privileges. MAY BE COURT ORDERED.

Traffic Collision Avoidance Course 4-Hours (TCAC)

Now Also Available on the Internet
Purpose: For drivers who are referred by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles because they have been involved, and found at fault: In two traffic crashes within a two year period Property damage crashes over $500. In crashed involving injuries for which they were at fault. This course is certified by the state of Florida.

Coaching the Mature Driver

Now Also Available on the Internet
Purpose: Designed for senior drivers (age 50 and older) to review the effects of aging and driving and how to compensate for the physical and mental changes to promote defensive driving. State of Florida approved course for insurance discounts. MAY BE COURT ORDERED.

DUI Programs

Consult your local DHSMV licensed DUI Program for registration information, fees, schedule of classes and other requirements.